Central Heating
Brands Commercialized

Central Heating Emitters and Boiler     If you want to increase the temperature throughout your home, without changing the quality of the air, silently, and with comfort, a central heating system is the best solution for you.

     The central heating system is a network of pipes that connects, a floor or wall, boiler to all the heat emitters (radiators and towel rails), that compose the system.

     The water heated in the boiler circulates through pipes to heat emitters, increasing the temperature evenly.

     To increase the efficiency of the central heating system, it can be controlled via control systems, thermostats and programmers.

     In addition, to provide a comfortable room temperature, the heating system can also be used to heat water. To this end, there are two options, the boiler can make the instant water heating, or carry out the heating though accumulation, in which is required a water deposit attached.

     Combined water heating and central heating systems are the best option for those who want to get a full comfort, and it is possible to use solar panels for greater savings.

Commercialized Products
Buderus Central Heating
     Commercialization, installation and repair.

Brand: Buderus

Junkers Central Heating
     Repair of Junkers boilers and heat emitters.

Brand: Junkers

Vaillant Central Heating
     Commercialization, installation and repair

Brand: Vaillant

Vulcano Central Heating
     Commercialization, installation and repair.

Brand: Vulcano