Central Vacuum
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     These days, clean your home easily and quickly is essential for your comfort and to help you make a better use of your time.

     With a central vacuum system you can clean your home more efficiently, achieving a cleaner house, in a short period of time.

     The central vacuum system also allows you to cleaning your home, conveniently and with less effort, without the need to carry the vacuum cleaner to every room in your home.

Commercialized Products
Electrolux Central Vacuum
Vacuum Clening     We sell Electrolux central vacuum systems, one of the biggest producers of vacuum systems.

     The Oxygen vacuum system, of Electrolux, has a number of features that allows you to get a higher level of cleanliness. This vacuum system is not intended only to clean the floor, but the entire division, combining practical and always available accessories, stored in the handle, with switch control in the handle and active capture accessories, without pedals or brushes.

     The air channel system, with aerodynamic design, provides to the Oxygen system a greater efficiency in removing particles of dust, both the visible particles, such as those in the air, purifying the air in your home.

Brand: Electrolux