Brands Commercialized

Electric OvenSteam Ovens     Whatever is the use you give to your oven, for baking, roasting or cooking pre-prepared meals, it is important to choose the right oven.

Gas Ovens

     Gas ovens quickly reach high temperatures, as well as they give you more control over your cooking. This type of ovens are relatively inexpensive, compared with electric or steam ovens.

Electric Ovens

     Electric ovens are easy to install and clean, as well as they have more location versatility. These ovens are easy to use, allowing controlling the temperature easily.

Steam Ovens

     Steam ovens allow you to cook healthy, keeping nutrients from food, without losing the flavor.

     This type of oven works by blowing hot air into its interior, cooking foods in water vapor.

     With steam ovens you can cook your meals, as well as defrost them and conserve them.

Commercialized Products
Bosch Ovens
     Commercialization, installation and repair.

Brand: Bosch

Gorenje Ovens
     Commercialization, installation and repair.

Brand: Gorenje

Junex Ovens
     Commercialization, installation and repair.

Brand: Junex

Tecnogas Ovens
     Commercialization, installation and repair.

Brand: Tecnogas