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Gas HobsGlassceramic Hobs     The choice of the appropriate hob for your kitchen is essential to have the best nutritional quality and flavor in your meals.

Gas Hobs

     Gas hobs allow you to cook quickly and economically, in addition to offering a good control over the heat. Due to their installation specifications, in some cases this type of hobs can be more difficult to include in the kitchen.

Glassceramic Hobs

     Glassceramic hobs are electrical hobs that offer to their users more security than gas hobs, because there are no flames. These hobs are easy to clean, but the heat regulation is slower and more limited.

Induction Hobs

     Induction hobs are an innovative technology, because they combine a greater security and efficiency, with a greater heat control. Heat is generated, using electricity, directly at the bottom of the pot, while the surface remains relatively cool.

     Although it is necessary to use specific containers for induction, this allows a best energy saving, because it resizes the focus to the size of the container in contact with the hob. So whatever is the size or shape of the pan you use, the ingredients are cooked to perfection.

     The heating of the hob is very fast and easy to control, with fast reaction, allowing you to control the entire cooking process. In addition, these hobs are easy to clean.

Commercialized Products
Bosch Hobs
     Commercialization, installation and repair.

Brand: Bosch

Gorenje Hobs
     Commercialization, installation and repair.

Brand: Gorenje

Junex Hobs
     Commercialization, installation and repair.

Brand: Junex

Tecnogas Hobs
     Commercialization, installation and repair.

Brand: Tecnogas