Bottle Gas
Oz EnergiaPropaneButaneCarburante     We make the distribution of Oz Energy bottle gas, one of the four largest distributors of packaged gas in Portugal.

     We also provide to our clients, the services of gas installations and technical verifications.

     The Oz Energy provides bottles of propane, butane, and fuel in various sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and goals.


     - Bottle Light (5kg Propane): Product recommended for professional use. This type of bottle is easy to transport and handle, due to its reduced weight and size. Suitable for welding or heat application works.

     - Bottle Normal (11kg Propane) and Large Bottle (45kg Propane): Product recommended for domestic use, industrial or professional. This bottles should be installed outside the compartment.


     - Bottle Light (6kg Butane): Product suitable for household and outdoor activities. Due to its reduced size and weight, and to its handling facility, this type of bottle is suitable for small consumption, and is compatible with most burning appliances for camping.

     - Normal bottle (13kg Butane): Product recommended for home use. This bottle can be used within the compartments and is used in several burning appliances, stoves, gas water heaters and space heaters.


     - Normal bottle (11kg Fuel): Product used in LPG powered machines, such as forklifts.